Shopit4me – Cheated anf Fraud

I have a complaint against Shopit4me,few month back they held this BMW contest where they kind of collected around 5 lakhs of rupees saying that I will be the winner and when the results came my name was no where. Then after a having a lot of discussion they promised me to refund 1.5Lakhs , out of I which I have just received 70,000 rupees, and 80000 is still pending , I am writing them through regarding my remaining money but no one is responding , I do have an email from these people saying that they will refund 1,5lakhs , I can use this against those people and take a legal step.. These people are fraud people… they just know how to play with their customers emotions and money.. I request you all to stop buying products from this company , we do have many other better and trusted online websites to but products.. I request you all to boycott their people..



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