the construction is not matching the price they charge. But the top-slot goes to the arrogant attitude of the Customer care people; mainly the engineer of Shriram. Some time you are forced to wonder whether “they are builders-you are paying a hefty sum to them” or you are dealing with a government employee in a Govt office like PWD, EB, Corporation!! They do not care a hoot once you have paid about 25% of the amount; they know, you will not withdraw ( a big loss it would be to do so in view of the ‘contract agreement” drawn very cleverly!) and you are at their mercy.

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  1. Iam Eswar, a resident of Vizag and have taken a flat in Shrirama properties, Vizag .We started the installment payment one and half year back for the flat in Panorama hills.The apartment project work is going very very slow but still they insist for apartment installment payment.They are charging huge service tax and truly speaking we are not aware of how much portion of it is actually going to the government.Can you please give your details so that we can discuss in detail.