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hi, just to substantiate my claims, I have attached a link which has a partial recording of a conversation that I had with a Sinealertz Representative, Rohit, who called me & hurled abuses at me & my family & threatened my of dire consequences if I post anything against them here or on their Facebook page. Kindly listen to this audio clip that I recorded on my mobile

you can also find it on their Facebook Page:

please do not pay them a single penny for a job offer or an interview call…..BEWARE!!!!!

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  1. Beware from Sinealertz .com and if u got a call for job and said DAT u r shortlisted so jz don’t believe them it is grabbing u fr fraud and Request AL job seeker don’t pay a single penny fr any recruiting of job and also for registration.dey attempt me fraud 1st they call me for registration.Which is worth rs.1600/- then after that they demand for 4000rs.for verifying ur document from detective agencies After that they demand me for 10000rs. For opening an a/c in iciCI bank because dey make recruitment my job in Icici bankbank kkk I have AL bank slips which transactions i made them.So plzz beware this AL fraud company if u AL r ready so v suite a case in court against them.