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Sinealertz is a fraud company which promises people a job in a company they are looking into & a profile which they want to work in. Their Modus Operandi: they will find your details from a job portal & study your resume and offer you a Salary Package which is 15-20% higher than your current package so that they sound realistic and promise an interview call from a reputed company for a desired profile. They will rush you into making a payment by saying that the shortlisting is going to freeze by tomorrow, so make the payment right now & you will get an initial interview call by evening or tomorrow at the latest. In desparation, u make the payment & bang, the show begins. They will start giving u all kinds of excuses for delays in the interview process & eventually stop answering your calls. I wasted Rs.1600/- by falling prey to their gimmick & now they have stopped answering my calls. I have interacted with the following people at Sinealertz….Saahil, Heena, Umesh Chandra, Aayush, Raghuram Rajaram and a few more. If you are sensible enough, just visit their website once. U will realize its completely non-functional & fake. Don’t be a victim of this fraud. Please beware!!!!

Chirag – 9819137160….I have suffered myself, I don’t want others to fall in the trap. Pls have a look at the bank transfer receipt of the payment I made to them. And yes, they will insist u to transfer money to either their UCO or SBI A/C

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  1. I have also received the same call and mail from Raghuram Rajaram.The mail said this- “if you are interested for this opportunities then you have to deposit the Security charge of 1850, that will be refundable in interview or face to face round.
    With Regards,
    Hiring Manager
    Contact no.+91-9720463777”
    It is clear that this is fake as no company/consultancy demans money for a job offer. Beware of such traps.
    Fake email ids –[email protected],
    [email protected]

  2. hi, just to substantiate my claims, I have attached a link which has a partial recording of a conversation that I had with a Sinealertz Representative, Rohit, who called me & hurled abuses at me & my family & threatened my of dire consequences if I post anything against them here or on their Facebook page. Kindly listen to this audio clip that I recorded on my mobile

    you can also find it on their Facebook Page:

    please do not pay them a single penny for a job offer or an interview call…..BEWARE!!!!!