– Snapdeal Bogus deal

I booked Karboon phone on SnapDeal during GOSF deal.

After a day I got an SMS saying that order was cancelled. I called up there customer care and the executive told me that the order was cancelled because the phone cannot shipped to the address.
I told him that this is a foolish reason and there are other products delivered at my address, I insisted that I want to speak to the manager , I was kept on hold after sometime I was told that Manager was busy and we will call you back after sometime, but i insisted that I wont keep the phone down till i speak to the manager.

Manager came on the line and the story changes, Sir we apologies that the price was wrongly updated, I told her that its not my mistake and I need the phone as I have cancelled other order because of this.

I have experienced in a store in US they had wrongly put down the price and when i was paying at the counter there was a different price ,I told them that this is what is listed on the deck, They sold me the same at the deck price.

I am surprised that a company which is raising millions of dollars through investment is fooling people.

I think they have fooled GOSF and might be other people through.

GOSF should take the responsibility and ban the


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