spice stellar mi517 – warranty period broken my device on off switch

Invoice number nitcdrh/drh/12/2014/3859550 invoice date 30.12.2014, my handset button broken how i don’t know company cc told give handset in bommanahalli sk service centre on bangalore. Complaint no 4638 as on 13.01.2016, company waiting for warranty period broken after again go to bangalore again 100km travel service centre and get computer bill no 10101623g20134 imei no 911412100324263 and 271 date 11.02.2016 again again five times company give massage give ready for your handset and phone also told your handset ready. But service man told not give spare. Totally company seating and not true response me. Service man Phone no 9632452227 . Totally cheating spice customer care on last two months Pl take action. But i told warranty period broken i pay service amount but only cheating company.

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