Splendid Group – SPLENDID CONSTRUCTIONS – Illegal 2-BHK constructed on terrace

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Bangalore who purchased flat from Splendid group. Apartment name is Splendid Royale located in Hosapalya, near Ujala factory. BBMP approved the layout plan and after consulting our lawyers and verification done with the BBMP officials, most of the flat owners purchased flats in 2011. There are 2 blocks with 72 flats in all.

Now after completion of construction of all the flats, builder started building 2-BHK and 1-BHK flats on the terrace which are not in the actual plan. These two flats are now being shared by builder ( one being presented to a generous colleague from his company) and other to the land-owner.

This is illegal and completely not agreeable and it is very much a deviation. All the flat owners want to take legal action.

Address of the apartment:
Splendid Royale Apartment,
Ellukunte village,
Hosapalya, HSR 2nd sector,
Bangalore – 560068

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