Supertech – much delayed possession and increased super built up area and escalation charges

Reported By: Laxmi Udaseen

Contact information:
Supertech Sector 58, Noida

I am a frustrated and harassed home buyer, i booked a flat in supertech in september 2012 with super built up area of 1595 sq. Ft. Supertech has promised to give possession in march 2015. But supertech had failed to stay on its promise. It increased the super built up area and also adding escalation charges now. It is now forcing us to pay extra charges as final payment, in spite of the fact that the demand has gone down and the market rates have gone down. We are already in loss, the flat market cost has reduced a lot, if i take possession i will suffer a loss of rs 20 lakhs as of today. I can’t afford this loss and mentally tortured by the staff of supertech, they are not of any help. They are just forcing us to pay the extra charges and then only the possession will be given. This is not acceptable. Why would a buyer face loss because of very very late possession by the supertech builder?

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