Sweat Slim Belt – Return the sweat slim belt

Reported By: Chaitra Rajesh

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Sweat Slim Belt

Hi, this is chaitra from Bangalore Karnataka , I have purchased swe at slim belt from tatasky telshopping in the name of my husband Rajesh dhali , I got xl,xxl two swaet belt where one 1 got free, the thing is it’s not fitting us and I feel useless, and also requested to return it had received a complaint call assuring that person will come and take it back and amount will be refunded..after that no one had called us no response. Is this the way you people respond customer, and I called several times for customer care number that is 09029000011 ,09029000044, the lady pic the call and soon when I say it’s about complete she disconnecting the call. ..and she called back again 912268448000 saying she got a call ,and when I started saying my complaint she disconnected and no response whe I call back.. Are you the froud people…I will surely highlight this to higher person ….bad service, uneducated customer service and poor service. Chaitra.m.c Bangalore Karnataka.

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