– is a fraud company.

Reported By: SAKAR Contact information: is a fraud company. My 6294 USDT is not withdraw. That already showing that withdrawal completed but not received in my account. That was my life saving money so I had to contact crypto house for what to do and they help me recover my bitcoin they are … – is a fraud company. Read More » – investment scam

Reported By: Bali surman Contact information: Delhi I deposited 1760 usdt and earned profit of 1500 usdt. I paid 470 usdt commission separately to company account at below wallet address. TQoRoQKm4jF3DaqbQjebajtVSPmaTcfnaJ For two weeks Nancy misguided me. When I put withdrawal, the withdrawal request is showing in processing and does not completed. They changed … – investment scam Read More » – unable to withdraw my fund it’s freeze

Reported By: kudpudeen Contact information: https:// not specified I was struck with 99339 usdt in investment. they are asking for 2843(30%)usdt commission to release my fund. I very afraid and confuse why they are asking additional fund, they can deduct the commission and release balance fund, but they don’t want to do. please … – unable to withdraw my fund it’s freeze Read More » – Acst scam

Reported By: Arun Contact information: Chennai I have paid 80 Lakhs in commission and tax to webull investment(HK) Ltd. I have withdrawn the profit from exchange but they say the fund is frozen in public chain and asking for miner fee. They are scammers who brought me to roads.please catch them —————————————————- How … – Acst scam Read More » – bitcoin trading scam

Reported By: Haroon Pasha Contact information: Someone made a group named “BTC investing Group,” invited me, and I soon started receiving trade messages frequently. My assistant got in touch with me about this. I invested the $100t advised me to. Small trade occurs; profits are withheld; she again advised going for a 5-day profit … – bitcoin trading scam Read More »

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