– bitcoin trading scam

Reported By: Haroon Pasha

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Someone made a group named “BTC investing Group,” invited me, and I soon started receiving trade messages frequently.
My assistant got in touch with me about this.
I invested the $100t advised me to.
Small trade occurs; profits are withheld; she again advised going for a 5-day profit plan and adding $10,000; I did so.
37000 USD was reached in 5 days.
requested to pay the withdrawal commission.
I made the agreed-upon commission payment.
I am currently unable to withdraw.
seeking a higher commission.
Please be of assistance.


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  1. I am stuck with 100550 usdt in investment. They are asking me for 28000usdt commission. I was afraid I will lose that amount also. Dont know what to do
    Sarah said, she is from investment. My wallet is now frozen, cant see single penny itself in wallet. Not able to login so I had to contact Rykabalan on telegram :Rykabalan for help and they help me recover my USDT and stop me from getting scammed more . Do not contact these company they are scams.

  2. I am also loss of 17 lakhs in investment. Trading in app earned 217153usdt then pay commission 20% and tax 30% but they were not release my profit and all the usdt were freeze. So I contacted my friend and they recommened TTrecoveryexpert on Telegram :TTrecoveryexpert and they help me recover our money back please contact them for guide and also ask them questions about any company you want to trade with .

    1. Hi sir,
      same issue with me, i try to search telegram TTrecoveryexpert but could not find anything like that, can you provide me more details about that to recover my fund, thanks