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Zookr – Multicoloured cotton three Saree combos

Zookr Reviews & Complaints Reported By: GOVINDRAJU Contact information: Zookr I’m ordered multicoloured cotton three Saree combos on 23rd September 2018 and the same received on 25th September 2018. After seeing the sarees very old and dirty condition with smelling also this item not ordered by me. Totally wrong product delivered me. I’m also so More – I did not able to cancel my order Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Siva Contact information: I orederd watch in I didnt like that so i want to cancel it.but i not able to cancel that order.please cancel that order my order id is 4d7a49a9-77d6-4406-81fb-9af746beae5e please cancel it

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Shopping – i7 bluetooth earpods Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Nilesh Contact information: a) said pods are damaged, button are broken, which is picture attached herewith and another single pods. b) very poor battery just 30 min c) Connection is with mobile fluctuated again and again disconnected and d) its not having bass for listening music and More

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Smart watch – Wrong product delevered

Smart watch Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Silambarasan Contact information: Smart watch Zookr I have got a wrong product which I ordered was different and I got is different please take my complaint and take action or refund my money wroth of 2000 my mobile number 9943350608 silamabarasan

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Business & Finances

Zookr ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग – Order cancel

Zookr ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Yadunath Singh Contact information: Zookr ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग हमारा ऑर्डर रिटर्न करना है और पैसे वापस करना है हमारा ऑर्डर कैंसिल करवाना है और पैसा वापस करना है आप कस्टमर केयर का कोई नंबर नहीं लग रहा है

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i am complain about different product from – different product

i am complain about different product from Reviews & Complaints Reported By: kiran Contact information: i am complain about different product from i have received Different product, i ordered MI 3 Band but i have received different product and also Charger is missing in this box. so i want replace it OR More

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Other – Undelivered products and irresponsible customer care Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Neethu T A Contact information: I have ordered something and that are not delivered till the date. It’s about to reach 10 days after delivery. most of the times there is no response from the customer care. Only once it get connected and the Time period they said More

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