TimesCarrier.com – A Fraud & Scam


I had registered on Shine.com with my prefered job details. On the same day I got a call from this Timescarrier person(Mob# 8459800707) telling that they have jobs available with them suitable to my profile.They also told that they have inner contacts with company HR persons using which they can give fixed offers to a person registering with them. Initially they asked me for registration with a fees of Rs. 1788/-. I asked for a written email for this but they said it cant be given on email but assured that it will be done once I registered. Once I did the payment, that person redirected me to a second person for CV verification..he demanded for a payment of Rs. 6966/- for this. I was hesitant for it and but somehow these people convince u for this and I made the payment.. then this person again re-directed me to another person who they told is a recruiter contact. He again demanded Rs. 10209/- for creation of E-Profile. I did payment for it also. After that I got below email from their email ID([email protected]) –

Dear Sir,

Greeting From Times Carrier….!!!!!

Please find the below mentioned order details.

1. CV- Explode National : Order Number -682892 Amount- 1788/-

2. Verification :- Order Number -682893 Amount – 6966/-

3. E- Profile Order Number :- 682894 Amount:- 10209/-

Do let me know for any further issue.

Times Carrier

Since then I have not been contacted by them via email or any phone call. This seems to be fraudulent trap from this website handlers. The website does not give any address details of their office not does any people details to contact. Its all a fraud & big scam.

Request to everyone not to get trapped with their telephonic talks and loose your money.

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  1. I receivedsame call from Timescarrier and they asked me to pay registration fee. I suspected and didn’t pay any. Thanks for sharing it.. These fraud consultants are playing with job seekers emotions…..

  2. Yes these people are cheating please do some thing in Facebook and twitter and make public now about it so that others will not get cheat . o escaped because of this post thank you very much for this post

  3. Hello,

    Today I got Call from 08459800807 – named Sara Malik. First time she did not tell about the consultancy name. later she asked me to come online and asked to pay 3420. It sounded fishy at first itself. I immediately googled it to get some reviews. Thank god, I found this post and saved my money.


  4. Just Today i got a similar call from timescarrier.com.Demanding 2000/- n offered job in my preferred location.Thank god i dint pay them any money.Also i read so many complaints about them.Thanks for your post.It helps others to get alert and take correct decisions futher.