times carier.com(delhi) – take a money behalf on giving job in indraprastha apollo hospital in staff nurse

hello my name is abhishek dubey .on 15th july 2015 i have a call by times carier .com placement agency i dropped my resume on shine.com then they call me to give a job in apollo hospital as a staff nurse .i deposit 1825rs registration then7211 profile verification,8664 interview calling, after this they told me 10,000 for security fee then i say no and told them to refund but they now not pick up my call and sometime they switch off.in this matter 8459800707 jiya,84598007006 vikrant vijay,8459799911 prasant,8459799788 saurab,8459800807 sumit they talk to me.i have no debit card so i deposit in bank as offline in hdfc bank a name of reliable e solution i have a receipt of bank and voice recording also and now i have a one more proof this proof give them in jail.those who get fraud by them how many file f.i.r to this agency .if no body then do f.i.r and call me on my no. 9602599526 .on monday i also get f.i.r for this agency.

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