Timesjobs.com – Ponzi scheme.. Pyramid of debacle

Well it just starts of with you have matching profile. So they make you pay for a resaonable service. Say resume building.
Then comes his senior. Who again makes you pay for highlighting your profile. (If I’ve a matching profile, why is highlighting required. Does that mean that the recruiter is kept in shadow).
Then comes another senior with physiological test for which you have to shell out few more bucks. I mean why would recruiter rely on third party tests. (BTW only handful of them carry out such tests).
Then comes another service which again is with another senior. I’ve had enough & rejected.
After that I’ve had calls time & again saying kindly complete the LAST service. I requested kindly provide services for which i paid. No wonder there was no response.

Then comes a day where one guy called & said if I don’t pay for the last service all the paid services will remain idle & go waste. (I mean what??). I still reject. Then cuts the call.
How sure can one be that he is providing the LAST service

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