timesjobs.com – cheated

I got cheated by them for Rs.10,000 for some or other services convincing me as that time i needed job urgently and was very much frustrated I paid for what they said but when it was going beyond the limit I raised my voice and the same thing had happened as mentione in above comment after all my amount refund request my complaint mails after almost a year they called me back and the person who was talking to me is asking my debit card details OTP which came to my mob while this conversation was going on and the pin number of my account. Once I disconnected that call next day one more guy called me and started to telling me i will not take any of you card details just do as I suggest you and said click on buy I clearly said please dont try to cheat me once again then he disconnected call and no one picked up the call later. After cheating for the first time they still want to cheat us more. Cant we take any action against them.

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