Toplite Holidays – Harassment by Toplite Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

Reported By: Ishanshi

Contact information:
Toplite Holidays GQR7+3WJ, Aguada – Siolim Rd, Baga, Goa 403516

I’m writing to draw your attention to a serious issue involving Toplite Holidays Pvt. Ltd.’s fraudulent practices and verbal abuse that occurred during my visit to the Andaman Islands, specifically Havelock Island.

My trip to Havelock Island on October 27, 2021, took a bad turn when I was targeted by someone connected to Toplite Holidays Pvt. Ltd. This person came up to me and offered me something very tempting under the pretense of celebrating the hotel’s anniversary. I had no idea that this encounter would set off a distressing chain of occurrences.

I was forced to go with the representative to a resort where other couples were also present after being duped by fictitious promises and the allure of prizes.

I got caught up in a carefully planned scheme at the resort that was meant to pressure and control unwary visitors.

To force me into paying 90,000 rupees, Toplite Holidays Pvt. Ltd. representatives subjected me to constant mental harassment, false accusations, and undue pressure.

I was deprived of the chance to read or understand the terms of the agreement throughout this ordeal, leaving me open to their deceptive tactics.

I’ve tried countless times to contact Toplite Holidays Pvt. Ltd. by phone and email to ask for help in the wake of this upsetting incident.

Unfortunately, despite my repeated requests for help and a solution, no one has responded and there has been zero accountability.

The company’s flagrant disregard for my welfare and their refusal to communicate in any way have only made the mental anguish and emotional distress brought on by their actions worse.

Given how serious this situation is, I beg you to act quickly and decisively.

I humbly ask that the following course of action be taken:

Thorough Investigation: Carry out a thorough investigation into the deceptive practices and psychological harassment that Toplite Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

This investigation should cover every aspect of their business, including hiring procedures, sales techniques, and customer service policies.

Legal Action: Bring serious legal action on my behalf and in the interest of justice against Toplite Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

They should face the proper legal consequences for their deceptive actions, mental harassment, and failure to fulfill their obligations in order to stop further victimization.

Support for Victims: Offer complete assistance to those who have been wronged by Toplite Holidays Pvt. Ltd., including counseling services to address the mental trauma they have experienced.

Create a system to speed up refunds and compensation for financial losses brought on by the business’ fraudulent practices.

Regulatory Measures: To prevent tourists from falling victim to such dishonest and exploitative practices, strengthen and enforce regulations within the tourism industry.

Establish stringent rules and make sure they are strictly followed by working with relevant authorities, such as law enforcement and consumer protection organizations.

It is impossible to ignore or minimize the psychological suffering, monetary loss, and emotional turmoil Toplite Holidays Pvt. Ltd. inflicted upon unwitting tourists.

I beg you to take prompt and decisive action to address this issue and restore confidence in the honesty of the tourism industry.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

I have faith that you will take the necessary steps to hold Toplite Holidays Pvt. Ltd. accountable for their dishonest practices, offer compensation to victims, and protect the Andaman Islands’ standing as a reputable and secure tourist destination.

We appreciate your unwavering dedication to the rule of law and consumer protection.

I eagerly anticipate your swift and determined response.


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