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Reported By: Vanda vn

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Toplite Holidays

Guys who ever go to Goa be carefull this is new kind of scam agent pl come and take u to hotel for celbration, later there they will convince u lot, but we luckily escaped and we got gift as free voucher to travel.
by using there voucher i visted there site, but it is totally dummy site,
for explaining nd making public fool they have created only master page and left, so public visiting GOA be carefull.

and a word to TOPLITE members from me,
instead of doing this kind of scam and cheating ppl.
please stand near any temple and beg and ull get money, or do some broker work it will be useful instead cheating . Coz o[censored] ppl Name of heritage and beautiful city of GOA will spoil .


How to file a complaint against Toplite Holidays?

* Go to page
* Write Toplite Holidays in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Toplite Holidays.

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  1. Parimal Parag

    On 13th of february2022, at Havelock islands in andamans, I
    encountered a person who had asked us to scratch a gift coupon saying
    that it’s their 10th anniversary of their hotel and they would like to
    provide this gift coupon to all the tourists around the Radhanagar

    Opon scratching the gift coupon, we won a 2 days holiday package at
    Goa. However, the person asked to take us through the hotel premises
    for some briefing related to Hotel and its business for 1 hour. And
    then we would be able to avail this gift card.
    A person named ” Salman” had guided us through and persuaded us to
    convince us for the holiday package . When we refused at the first
    instance, he again kept on convincing us. When he came to know that
    funds are an issue to avail the offer, he asked us to prove the
    Debit/Credit card so that he can check for EMI payment. After repeated
    requests, I had provided my debit as well as credit card to check for
    EMI eligibility.

    Moreover, we eventually decided not to go for it and had refused to
    sign on any agreement as such.

    After 20 days, while coming back from the Holidays, i had received a
    membership card against my name. We were shocked that even without
    accepting how come this has been delivered. We tried calling Salman
    for the same. But since then he has not responded to our calls.

    The astonishing fact over here is my deduction of the amount Rs 5208
    started from my account with a transaction description as BRN charges.
    Initially, I could not make out the reasons for the charges. When the
    deductions were being made thrice , I could not hold back my
    anguishness and immediately enquired the bank customer care.

    Then I got to know the reasons behind the deduction which was
    daunting. This is happening due to EMI payment to Toplite Holidays.

    This is apparently a case of forgery and theft. Please ensure that the
    deductions are reverted within 48 hrs or else
    I am going to file a case against the company and will also file an
    FIR against your representative.

    Thank you

    Parimal Parag