VJIM – Karoobaar fake jobs for money

Some dumb fellow who even don’t know to speak English properly have called me and was struggling to his death to speak to me in English, then i told him to talk in Hindi and he started to speak all this bull shit of giving me a job in MNC companies and he was demanding for a payment of 1658 INR. Guys let me tell you, real consultancies have stopped taking money before they get you placed, don’t pay these people a penny. They make you see a rosy picture of you getting placed in a dream company but trust me its a metaphor, how the hell is a dumb guy who even don’t know how to make a conversation in English can get you placed? they would say they are govt. approved and all the possible things to make you believe, if you get a call from karoobaar or any such fake organization do not believe and screw them on the phone as I did.

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  1. Hi Mr. Mitra

    We at Karoobaar, believe in customer satisfaction & have our customer support team to assist them. If you are one of the existing customer of Karoobaar & have genuine concern, we request you to share your concern at query@karoobaar.com or you can also reach us 0120- 4956500 our customer support team would assist you in resolving the same.