Vodafone – International Roaming Charge

Reported By: Sujoy Das

Contact information:
Kolkata, West Bengal

I Sujoy Kumar Das,have been using my mobile under the Mobile Service Provider “Vodafone” as a post paid corporate scheme of Plan 199 since 3-4 years and my mobile no is +91-9433980879.
From Aug 16, 2019, I have been moved to UK for my office assignment using a Long term UK visa.So I availed a International roaming pack for a monthly subscription of Rs 150 to use the mobile for OTP (one time password) verification in Bank transaction & login into office mail verification only.I never used my no in UK for calling purpose (except Bharat GAS booking) as I have an UK local no (+44-7416376706 with monthly subscription of 15 GBP) with unlimited calling facility in India or any other country.
From the first billing cycle during my staying in UK, I was observing my call charges increasing day by day. As I was unaware the reason and want to know the reason, hence I told my wife to call from her no +91-9051157222 (this number also in my name and this is under the Mobile Service Provider “Vodafone” as a post paid corporate scheme of Plan 199) and try to know the reason and possibly go for a complaint.My wife called in Vodafone in their toll free number 55666 and from Vodafone she was asked that I should speak instead of her as I am the customer and even I can call from UK as this Number (55666) is a toll free number and while calling also operator did not intimate the customer that this will charge if somebody calling from outside India.
Next Day I called in Vodafone toll free number (55666) & trying to understand the reason of increasing bill.I have made 3-4 complaints (I have 5-6 complaints, but able to noted down one:3-36510367285) in next few days as the problem still persisting and even growing day by day.
When I have not seen any result from them I asked to provide my bills details. Initially they were not agreed and while pushing them hard, they have agreed to provide my bill details and I was surprised to see that the bill amount till date is around Rs 9000 including GST for calling in the toll free number 55666.
I have mailed them after that as there is not option to call them again to revert back my unnecessary calling payment for 55666 or next bill charges that was not paid yet. But they did not do anything.
At last I have decided to put a complaint in Consumer court as this unnecessary charge of 9000 should not be paid by me
as Vodafone could have been intimate me that calling in 55666 also charges under international roaming as per normal rate at my first call to them itself.
I want a justice for all those harassment & customer misleading and want to revert all my money back for calling in 55666.
This verdict could be a example of harassment & misleading against a customer.
And Vodafone should intimate the customer while calling in 55666 that this call will charge for any call outside India during international roaming as the customer did not have any information regarding this even not in any Blog or site.

Here is my bill charges from Month of August to November:
August’19: 1306.27
Sep’19: 2014.87
Oct’19: 2088.62
Nov’19: 7363.87

Name Sujoy Kumar Das
Address: Bl-9, Flat-4F, Srijan Midlands, 83 Jessore Road, Kolkata-700132
Cont No in Kolkata: +91-9051157222
Cont No in UK: +44-7417376706

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  1. Özgür Karekök

    I am living in Turkey and vodafone Turkey has no help line and not helping thru phone for complaints at my house I am not able to get vodafone broadcast as well as before for 10 days cell phones are not working time to time we get one or none line shows on the phone screen. For 10 days we have this problem Vodafone Turkey is not customer oriented and not managing well even I can manage and make leading in the sector this company. As a customer I have no possibility to explain this problem is this fare if no body help me I will change my operator to other rivals and this is shame on you as a company