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Dear Banglorean,
Thousands of people were cheated by the company “San City” in their various projects.
Your friends or relatives may plan to invest in this fraud company, so, please do share with every group to create awareness about this company and save their hard earned money.
One of the fraud real estate companies known as “San City” registered with the name M/S. VSan Infrastructure Pvt Ltd., was planning to loot money from the people and came up with the banner “San Kaveri – a township project in 600+ acres” on Mysore-Hassan road in the year 2015.
There were no much developments in the project. Even after 7 years of development, They have just marked sites with stones in 2-3 acres and constructed 2/3 steel shelters and calling it as park area. Which could have been just 1-2 month of development work.
There are no development in the remaining land whether they have 600 acres of land with them itself is a question. Also, “San Kaveri” project is halted by lawsuit and no development work is going on now a days. Even the project is halted.
As I am one of the customers, have invested two sites in San Kaveri with an investment amount of 7.6L. Most of the sales executives are coming with false promises for collecting the money. They promised me saying the registration will get completed within 60 days and collected the registration fee and other development charges. But registration did not happened. Management and their employees are not ready to answer any of the queries over the phone.
One person from executive community, suggested me that there are thousands of people invested and did not get their sites, so do visit sites in other project and get it registered in my name. As suggested I agreed to visit the site, another executive who came for showing the other project was asking me to pay 14L more for two sites to get it registered in my name in other project called “San Newtown” which is not worth for the money.
Also, boldly saying, “Pay more, if you want the sites in other projects, otherwise do whatever you want to do, project will not get completed in next 10 years and your next generation might get it”
If you have invested and cheated by “San City”, then register your entry on the site “https://sancity-complaints.in/”. Here, will gather the customer details who have invested and lost their money in various projects of VSan Infrastructure Pvt Ltd., will bring this subject to the light of world and fight legally to get our invested money back with returns.


How to file a complaint against Vsan Infrastructure?

* Go to page
* Write Vsan Infrastructure in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Vsan Infrastructure.

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