XOLO – Battery swelling in Xolo q1200

Hii, I purchased a xolo q1200 some 3 months before. Suddenly I noticed some days before that the battery has swollen nd hence the screen popped up from middle. I was like, are u kidding me? I have already spent rs. 13000, my hard-earned money on this stupid phone. What is even more ridiculous is that the company is sending some shitty email to the service centre here regarding the estimate of repair, dat too rs.975. First of all, I assure i havent misused the phone, neither have i kept it on charging for long hours. The company knows dat as it has a non-removable battery, we cant get it repaired from outside or local stores, doing so would rip the phone of all of its warranties, in such dire circumstances the user is left with no other option but to get it repaired from them only at whatever exorbitant prices thay ask for. Please look into the matter….I am not in a mood to even pay a single penny for dat stupid phone of yours nd M going to lodge a legal complaint against you in the consumer court if I dont get a proper addressal to my problem. I dont understand how such an eye-sore can be allowed by such a company, m very, very disappointed.

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  1. Dear Mr.Mahajan,

    Greetings of the Day!

    Thank you for addressing your grievance to us.

    This is in reference to your email dated 18.10.2014 regarding your complaint for your XOLO Smartphone Q1200. We request you to kindly pay visit to any of our XOLO service provider nearest to you and share the work order number for satisfactory resolution on your complaint.

    For any further query or feedback, please contact us at [email protected]

    Warm Regards,
    Bharti Singh Rawat
    XOLO Care

  2. i have same problem like him in my q1010i.. i just baught it 4 months ago.. and battery get swelling… charger of xolo makes sound on charging.. i didnt get it, whts that.. i think thats the reason of battery swelling.. plz tell somthing

  3. I have also the same bulging of battery and screen popped out problem with my XOLO Q1010i under warranty period as i purchased it on 08august 2014 and face this problem on 30 march 2015.
    As i goto service center they denied the replace of warranty saying it bulging battery is not covered in warranty and pay for new battery approax 900/- rs. They also not satisfied me how the battery goes bulged is my fault. But my query is that their is no such type instruction about battery warranty void of bulging of it and no such type atleast alarm of overcharging or auto cut off as the rate of battery is so high and non-removable type.
    Also they say that due to bulging the screen pop out and having other issue then the phone is not counted for warranty claim/complaint then it is also cheating with with the innocent customer.
    i am feeling like also deceived