Xolo India – Need money not a repaired set

I have purchased a Xolo 1010I IMEI Number 911363600858765 /
911363600758767 on 12052014 through Amazon. I have checked that this product was heating like any thing. I have contacted Amazon as well and they said to contact Xolo Repairing Center. I have talked to them on phone and they said that it is normal. But in July I felt it is heating like any thing and I was unable to touch it on my ear due to heat. I have contacted Xolo Repairing Center in July and they have kept my phone and sent back to Xolo factory saying that it is a manufacturing defect and lot of smart fones are still in queue in repairing center. That;s why they have given me minimum 40 days time to get back my phone. I need my money back if xolo is so incompetent to manufacture the phone. I need my money back. I will file a court case as well. Now I dont need my fone back, I just need the money. Please do needful. Rajeev Gupta 9718630202

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  1. Dear Mr. Gupta,


    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

    This is in reference to your post dated 24th July’14 regarding your XOLO Smart Phone (XOLO- 1010I), we trust that the satisfactory solution has been shared with you and now your device is working fine.

    For further query or feedback, please contact with us at [email protected].

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurav Singh Chaudhary
    XOLO Care
    [email protected]