Xolo – Mobile replacement

Just bought a XOLO Black 1X on 13-01-2016. The phone cost about Rs. 12,000/- . So I finance it. But from the first day the mobile is having soem problem of display, contact not showing, headup, ringer volume, speaker. So I take it to the xolo Service center on the 8th day and submitted it for 3 days. When the phone came back it is again having the same problem . I again complaint about it to XOLO but the customer support and the service center agents said me to submitted it again… I again Submitted to the service center for 3 days. But after 1 day of the second repair the problem again came. I again contacted XOLO and lodge a complain about it. Lots of mails and phone calls done by me to the XOLO Customer support team. I again submitted it to the service center and again 3 days and when i get it back the problems are as it is. I requested all time to replace it but not the service center and not the xolo take any action against it. After third unsuccessful repair the service center send it to the company REPAIR FACTORY the phone came back after 1 week and the service center told me that now your phone is ok… But the whole UI of the device are changed.. Now the phone is having some more problems like UI Changed, Google Play error, android error, XOLO app errors and the all the previous problems. I again submitted to the service center and again requested to replace it. The service center send it to the repair factory again and told me that they will replace it. I also attached a written letter to the XOLO Care regarding my problems. But company didn’t look that. And again after 15 days the company send the same device with no garunttee of repaired or not. I called the customer support about this issue again. And they replayed we can’nt do anything its against our company policy we cann’t replace.

From the first day I only used the 12,000/ mobile for 15 Days. Is there no value of the our money. If I am paying you the whole amount then why are you giving me the damaged mobile set. The mobile set which required service from the first day of purchase. Such a rubbish service by xolo customer support and the service center.And such a rubbish product . Just a wastage of money…..

I request you to please take a serious action against the company for this kind of issue please help me in taking my money back…

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