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Posted On: 26/08/2016
By: rajat mehla

Contact information: YashTel

Applied for an address change for account MYS7826.
it’s been more then 10 days, and everyday i call them around 50 times.Even wento to office 3-4 times.But everytime i call them and request to complete the setuo, they respond by asking to wait till next day.”we will send 1 technician tomorrow”.tehnician does not come next day, call them..we will send tehnician till today’s eveving.tehnician does not come again, we will send 1 tomorrow.

Also, they provide two tyoe of modem.
Zyxel(only modem, no router) & Cisco(modem+router).And they give any of these modems depending upon the area.
So i shifted from a location where i had cisco modem to an area where they gave me zyxel modem.

So, the simple rule is that if i am returning them a modem+router, they should give me modem+router in exchange.As it is their issue that their network dont support cisco modem at my new address.but they only gave modem and no router or any similar replacement or refund for same.How is this a fair exchange?

I raised an official complaint, but they did not respond.
None of these things, (that they wont provide any router at new are, and i will no option other than buying my new router)was mentioned in address change application or was conveyed to me verbally or was present in the original application form, where i applied for the first time.So this is a fraud.

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