Reported By: BHAVANA

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[email protected],

i am doing a small work in company due to finacial crisis i went for part time jobs i zest company frist they told not to pay anything if my work is incomplete i should pay 6500 but i met in accident last day so i was not able to cpmplete work so i gave 6500 amount now they are saying i should pay 65000 because for security deposit i should pay they signed in agreement in behalf myself now they are calling contuinesely and threating me they are saying my father will get arrested soon so i pay money i calling me please help me
this mithali sharma has contacted me and he said that i can terminate when ever i want but now they saying that i should pay 65000 then only i can terminate
phone number of that lady is 0091 9724474891
PHONE NUM mithali sharma – 9537700408
company name : Zest solution
please dont fall in fake job


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