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Reported By: Ram shankar

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Hai iam a PG passed out student and not yet employed, so in this corona time for my earning to live i started looking for work from home jobs and at that time I applied in ZEST SOLUTION. I Approached Zest Solution for data entry jobs and initially told, once completed the data entry, submit to Zest Solution within 7 Days and based on correct entry, earn Rs.17500 out of this amount Rs.6500 will be detected towards registration fees and the rest will be my salary. He said if the accuracy is less than 90 percent we should pay him a penalty of Rs.6500 . And also I asked, any deviation how will I know that, he told document will be shared if any mistakes and again I asked, from my side 100% correct, and check completely before submitting, how the deviation occurred in your side, again he told me will sharing data for any deviation. No registration fees for joining and no need to pay any amount after joined.
Based on the commitment he told, I applied and data shared by Zest Solution. I completed data, and submitted, two times cross checked, from my side 100% satisfied and then submitted on 20.01.21
Next day Zest Solution, responded, all data’s are wrong, Pay penalty R.6500/- and really I shocked for the information and I spoke to Zest Solution, from my side 100% correct I have a proof. Again I asked share proof for wrong data’s entered, no evidences from Zest solution and keep on asking about Rs.6500 Rs. I clearly told, I won’t pay, share proof of evidence for wrong data’s, nothing will be shared by Zest solution as on date -21.01.2021.
Again threatened by Zest Solution keep on calling, my self and mother don’t know about this and got feared, So because of poor family, I paid Rs.6500 /- Penalty and I told to quit immediately. If you quit inbetween, u need to pay Rs.32500/- Immediately and one lady shared, If you don’t pay this amount to the client then we will file case against you under contempt of court case. Even if Civil contempt is issued upon you then you’ve to pay penalty amount of Rs. 1,50,000 for civil contempt and Section 2 (B) shall be imposed on you. And once it is transpired to criminal contempt then you’ve to pay for criminal contempt which would be round about 6,50,000 and for contempt of arbitrary tribunal case will be escalated to Ministry of Law and Justice and Ministry of Home Affairs.
Because we are middle class family, So misusing of my knowledge and the way he/she threatened is really stressed and another way to commit suicide.
So I filing complaint against Zest Solution, Gujarat and take action immediately and I request again to save and protect my family under this situation.


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  1. Hlo sir i am harpreet from punjab i am also in this situation and now my family blaming me about this and i pay 300000 because of sceard now I have no choice and they remaning demand for rupees plz help me

  2. Sir iam also applied zwst solutions for data entry jobs from home pls help as sir i am so scared sir and depression also came sir pls help ne sir

  3. Sir i am also applied this pls help sir i did no this type of problems pls help as sir i am middle class family pls sir i was so scared sir pls

  4. due to some financial crisis so i thought of part time job so i went in quikr.com i get call from zest solution her name is mithali sharma 9537700408 she told no payment should i paid when i am not complete the work i should pay 6500 otherwise after complete the work it will deduct with my salary then i will get 11000 so they signed agreement in my behalf of my self i got accident in between this so i am not able to complete it so i paid5000 amount i paid throygh google pay 1500 i paid through bank then after that they called me and said i should pay 65000 extra as security deposit then i told that much amount i dont have i told i will work then from salary you please deduct it they not agree it they saying my parents get arrested tommorow i am getting afraid from plaese help otherwise i will sucide it my parents should suffer from mee please help mee
    they calling in this no : 9724474891
    please help me

  5. I also applied here as a part time job just because i am middle class family and they told me to pay 17,500 rs if i would complete my task otherwise they will take panality 6,500rs . And i agreed, and i had done my whole task but when i submittedd my task, after 2 days they replied that my data is wrong and i was shocked that how is it possible.? They are fraud company and make people fool and take money to them. please don’t take any kind of agreement for them because they will take work from you ans take money as well and pay nothing and give “Dhamki” to take legal action. But , ill see how you will do that don’t worry i will show you how to deal with people like you fraud. Your company will pay for this , because you make fool to the innocent people and students who are still studying making their money for their survival and you don’t understand their feelings and hard work just because of your “Lalach” . Great, now see what will i do.
    I request you to all the job seekers please don’t apply for these frauds.

    1. Same thing happen with my friend by the same company , can u plz tell me how to deal with this….. What u will do?????

    2. They play with people’s emotions mentally and physically. They threathen to users and their family for money with legal action drama. But this type of fraudlent is not acceptable. Stop fraud Zest solution. I have a proof and i am warning you zest solution that i will sue you to the court and you will gonna pay to everyone.

      Consumer Head,
      Shivani Bhosale

      1. hi sir / madam,

        this all the things even happened to me and i was new born baby mother i also fed up with those people torcher and decieded to suside also…please help me how to come out of these people already they started calling me