Zoomcar – Gave me a manual transmission car when I booked an automatic transmission car

Reported By: Benjamin Mathew

Contact information:
Booking ID: JPSNCW3F0

I reserved a car with an automatic transmission. I specifically asked you about the car’s transmission before I made the reservation, and you said it was automatic, but I actually received a manual transmission vehicle. You confirmed the car should be automatic twice, and when my brother in law messaged you, you also confirmed it with him. I’ve got written evidence. But the vehicle I purchased was manual. This is fraud. I want my money back.

I flew into Vizag with a large amount of luggage and my family, then I took a taxi to the pickup location. Since I am not from Vizag, it was almost midnight, and I was unfamiliar with the area. The person I spoke with when I called customer service to report my problem was not at all helpful. told me he would cancel the reservation and I would need to pick up a different car elsewhere, but there was no assurance that it would be automatic.

And if it costs more, I’ll have to pay the difference. I won’t leave the girls and the luggage in the middle of the road at midnight in a location I don’t know in order to look for another car, and even then, I won’t know if it will have an automatic transmission. Given that it is the middle of the night and there are no cars or taxis in the area, the customer service was of no assistance in letting me know how I would get there.

I select automatic vehicles over those with manual transmissions because I have ankle pain. But since I had to choose the manual car because there was no other option and I had family and luggage, the trip was awful. I therefore ask for a reimbursement. I requested that you check with the host to determine whether the vehicle had an automatic or manual transmission, and I now have written confirmation that you did so.

So I need my money back. If necessary, I can upload a video of the vehicle showing its manual transmission and license plate. (Even though the video is only 3MB, this website claims it is too big. I can try another method if there is one, to upload the video. I’ve uploaded pictures of the car’s number plate and gear transmission.)

I am extremely dissatisfied with the service you guys have offered. I never imagined that a customer service representative would be so impolite, especially at midnight.
I need this to be resolved right away, or I’ll have to escalate the situation.

You responded to my message by saying you would review it, but you have since stopped responding. You don’t want to fix this problem.

I also have information on the manual cars that were offered when I made my reservation. The prices are on screenshots I have. But because it was automatic, I opted for a more expensive vehicle. I need my money back.


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