I have ordered 2 packs of Koutons shirts and paid Rs.2102/0 on 17th September and till date, they have not sent the delivery of the item. Whenever checked, their customer service people will never pick up the line or even when they pick the line, they will not be able to answer and disconnect the line. My mobile number is 9941218693. Now they are saying that they have sent different product on 30th september by courier, but till date which is 9th october, courier has not reached. I know they are top class 420 company in india and they should do some other red business rather than cheating like this. I am planning to write more like this and ask people to go to good online sits like bag it today and india times, etc rather thatn this kind of B’s.

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  1. i got mail in rediff.com to pay rs. 599 and get a nokia lumia 925. i paid rs. 599 through netbanking an got a call from one mr. rohit verma. he told that i am one of the 10 winners and had to pay rs. 11,000/ u will get onenokia lumia 925+iball laptop+reebok watch+polo watch. he asked to click the product and shown the lenovo even then i asked him why u r showing this one, he told v r having this product but u will get nokis lumis only and will be shown in ur mail. i paid the money and i got a call from one mr. ashwain from their transaction section n told that we are sending iball laptop+reebok & polo watches. i told them that mr.rohit told that with nokia lumia i will all these things. i am not interested in the scheme and pls. return my money. mr.l rohit told that v will return your money within 3 working days. but after 5 days I got lenovo a390 black phone rs. 8674+14.5% cst cost rs. 9982 by courier. The actual price of this lenovo product is only rs. 6500(approx).