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I have ordered Samsung Galaxy and paid 1143.00 but I have not received the product yet. I have not received any E-mail of your contest of march13. What is my position. M. R. NO. 8726245 & 8726292 Dated 12.02.2013 for Rs. 1143.00 Refund my money back.I am not interested in this kind of contest.I have not found any terms and conditions like this before. On the contrary I was waiting for my Tracking No. which I haven’t got yet. That is why I asked to refund my all money back. Rs. 499.00 + 644.00 = Rs 1143.00 In the beginning contestants are asked to pay Rs. 499.00 or Rs. 644.00 or mentioned in website. Then executives are calling and asking to pay more around Rs. 2999.00 for other product which is not at all described in website. Now this will lead to a Cyber Police case. If you will not refund my Rs.1143.00 today, then I will lodge the Police Complaint. Kindly take note of this.

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