100bestbuy.com – Don’t Order – if paid the credit card your will loss the money

i seen 100bestbuy.com advertisement in the eenadu.net, in that advertisement displaying paid Rs. 699/- and win Apple i phone 5s, then i paid 699/- through credit card. After 1 hour i received a call to 100bestbuy.com, that person told me you paid 7999/- and you will get i ball 6318 tablet and consolation prize of reebok watch if not paid that competation not applicable to you. so i paid 7999/- amount also. after 1 month calling me and iball tablet stock not available so we are sending acer iconia tablet immediate i don’t want other companies tablet i want iball tablet only then he said ok i sent i ball tablet only. after 45 days he sent me acer tablet. many times i called company any person not lifting phone. i will calling many days one day he is lifting the phone. sir i order i ball i received acer iconia and i strictley told you i want iball company only but your peoples are sent acer tablet. he told me return to my another address and we arrange to after 1 month and if we are not received your return item that is not responsible to my company. these company doing cheating, fraurding, that persons told also you receive reebok watch, and acceceries of tablet. i not receiving any watch and accesseries.


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  1. Dear Saida Chary,

    We request you to update your phone number and product information :

    order id:
    ref id:
    order date:

    so that we can provide you the necessary information.

    If any more queries kindly contact us at [email protected] ,call us on 080 – 67536400:

    Thank you

    With Regards