hi sir, im k janardhanrao, on 10 aug 2012 i got a call from 100bestbuy.com that my mobile number 9290691231 had won an apple 4gs mobile. for that i’ve to order a beneton watch first and then ill get a code n password with that to get the iphone. so, i ordered this ‘united colors of benetton’ watch. i paid 799 on 18 aug 2012 n took this watch.
i didnt get any code with this.
And also this watch is not up to the mark at and also quality.
i’m totally dissatisfied with that and i’ve courieried the product on aug 29 2012 to sush technoligies pvt ltd through first flight couriers, C.No: A41739464.

when, I contact to 100bestbuy customer care. They suggested, Return this by courier to 100bestbuy and they will refund and bear the Product cost + Courier changes. The same is also we can found on 100bestbuy Replacement Guarantee T & Cs.

Replacement Guarantee Policy:- http://www.100bestbuy.com/tracking-shipment.php
In case you are not happy with the quality of the product or the product doesn’t fit you properly, you can simply return the product to us. We will replace the product or refund entire amount.

100bestBuy Customer Case (Fraud/Fake Services)
1. I have sent around mails and I didnt get proper reply from 100bestbuy customer care.
2. If I contact to customer care, Every time they ask about all the case and they simply deny for any refund but we give
you credit point, also, we don’t have any policy.
3. They always promise, someone from 100bestbuy will call me in next 1 hour and get this Fix. And in 4 month I never
received any call from 100bestbuy customer care.
4. Even, 100bestbuy customer care Always hold me for long time and disconnects my Phone when they are not able to
give any answer of my case why it’s being delay and why still I am waiting for my Refund.

And it’s very interesting, when I re-connect my call to customer care, they always ask and collect all my case history and in the end, they hold me for long time and disconnect my Phone?

I am sure they are given my wrong information and again trying cheating me and delaying this case.

6. I got 888 points to my account in 100bestbuy.com as refund of amount 799+ courier charges.

7. when i tried to order some product, im unable to buy wit those points. now, those points became 75. i dont know what happen to orther points.. im sending mails to service@100bestbuy but i didnt reply.
k janardhanrao,

d.no: 9-2-284, high school road,

new gajuwaka, visakhapatnam-530026,

andhra pradesh


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