100bestbuy – I think this is froud company

I participated in (100bestbuy) this website contest but I was not the winner but I want to use my money as per his company condition if I am not a winner then he will return my money as point. But after that again he put one condition that I can’t use all the point in one time. I agree with that condition also.But when I purchase something from his website then he sended me the defective piece.Currently I purchased one shoe (Flux Mens Sports Shoes (1621)).and again he sended me to different pair of shoe.On date 24 oct i purchased one ladies bag with ladies watch but he again send different product. I told to him if you are not able to give the proper product then refund my money. Today i called him but he not said anything only said return back i will send another product. Please consider my request and send me confirmation.What do you think.

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