Xclusiveoffer.com – a fraud company looted huge amount of money

Reported By: subhasis123bbsr

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Xclusiveoffers.com is a fraud company had assured to provide Hyundai i10 as prize money on basis of random selection and also assured to organize a function in near by my residence and honour me at that function. For this they have looted around Rs.4.00 lakhs in name of Nomination, Registration, Security Deposit etc. and I have deposited the lumpsum.They were assuring about the payment genuinity as it was through SBI COLLECT. Now, they are asking me to give the benefit after depositing the GST amount. But, I am sure this amount to be paid will not be recovered.

Therefore, I request you to kindly help me in this regard for recovery of money from the fraud company so called Xclusiveoffers.

5 thoughts on “Xclusiveoffer.com – a fraud company looted huge amount of money”

    1. Dear Mr, ashok choudhary,
      We have already sent so many mails to your mail id for your concern but you are not responding.
      you are doing unnecessory activity without anything knows.
      if you have any concern call to toll free number.
      if your do not response to our mail and call then we are not responsible for your cause.
      already you have customer care number.
      thanks & regards

    2. Dear Respected Sir,
      we have already sent so many mail and also arrange call from our greviance team.
      but you are not responding properly even not picking our call also
      so without any taking greviance how can you blame the company.
      kindly contact if you want to resolve your concern.
      Thanks & Regards

  1. Dear Mr ashok choudhary
    if you write anywhere about our company then we will file complaints against you
    thanks & regards

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