Dear friend
aapkanaukri career service is fraud company. they offer job in diffrend company by demanding money for registration certificate verification and a lot of purpuse they ask money in instalment, they have a a lot of bank account in diffrend banks like,HDFC AXIS,IOB etc.

totally they are a fraud cheating company. huge amounds are lost a number of candidate.this company tottally a fraud company becouse ,they have not register any government and any local bodies and they are not a member of extenal forgien affair and they have no permnent postal address tottally they are a fraud company cheating process they are continuing in present. So every one not pay any single amount for a job without a registed manpower company. they are a basted cheating group inclood men and women.
I have lost 184000 and that same amout lost in diffrend candidate

However we are creat an action council and we are fale a case in cyber cell and forward a complint chief minister,everey cheated person contact me 919605871906 contact stanlly 919447789758

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