Aapka Roozgaar Services Pvt. Ltd. – Fraudulent Activities

I had received a call from Aapka Roozgaar Services Pvt. Ltd. representatives on Sunday, 27/10/2013.
The caller identified himself as Mr. Abhishek informed me that in view of my registration in some other job board, my Resume has been forwarded to Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Manesar for the post of Assistant Manager – Supplier Quality. They informed me that they will be arranging a meeting for me within Tuesday. In view of the same, he said that I would need to pay a sum of approximately Rs 2000 only for initial registration after which the process would be initiated. According to him this amount was 100% refundable. He then forwarded me to Mr. Aman Verma, who guided me over the phone for the online payment.
However, I was subsequently forwarded to Mr. Sanjay and finally to Mr. Vinit Yaduwanshi, who guided me through the online payment procedures and made me pay almost Rs 23,000/- for several services. I continuously insisted that I didn’t require the services and would only like to go for the job offer directly. However, as per their representatives, this amount was 100% refundable after the job was confirmed as they would be receiving this amount from the hiring company. As per them, the payment was important in order to complete the procedure and was 100% refundable even if the procedure within a maximum period of one month.
A snapshot of the various services as taken from their official website is given below:

As per their representatives, they had already received my documents from my Online Profile on other online job boards, and my services would be provided based on the same.

As shown in the above snapshot, following is the gist of the payments:
Roozgaar Profile Verification (Highest Education Verification)
Roozgaar Resume XplodeFor National Region
Roozgaar Resume Analysis
Roozgaar Job Assistance
Interview Cracker
Roozgaar LinkedIn Profile

Total Basic 19597

This was the basic pay, excluding the 12.36% Service Tax which was included in the Gross Payment. The gross payment was approximately Rs 23000.
However, no genuine interview was arranged till 08/11/2013 and their representatives were also not replying properly to my calls. Moreover, none of the services availed were delivered. Two interviews had been conducted over phone: the first one was taken by a certain Mr. Rakesh Ranjan and the second one by Mr. Aman Verma, who claimed to be specifically from Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Manesar. I have few acquaintances in Maruti Suzuki India LImited, both in Gurgaon and Manesar. They have informed me that there is no Rakesh Ranjan or Aman Verma in their HR team. Moreover, I myself am aware of the fact that Mr. Aman Verma works at Roozgaar and not with MSIL. After both these fake interviews, I was asked for paying more money, while I had been clarified by their team that there will be no more payments till I get some job confirmation.

These events have led me to believe that the organization was using fraudulent methods to take money from people. I was made to believe that they couldn’t stick to any of their commitments made at the time of registration. Moreover, they had not provided any genuine service which they had promised and for which they had taken money from me, although I had clearly mentioned that would not like to take the same. As per their team, it was standard procedure, which also was a fraudulent activity.

In view of this, I sent a mail to their official ID (info@roozgaar.com), telling them that I was no more interested to be associated with your organization as neither did they provide me any service or helped me get any job, which they were supposed to do the very next day, i.e. on 28/10/2013 and requested them to pay my money back at the earliest. I also explicitly mentioned that I would not like to avail any of your services anymore. It should not be difficult for them as they had not provided me any services till then.

However, despite several reminders, I didn’t get any proper response from their end. Only a call was received from one of their representatives, who said that they in case I wanted refund, they could provide me only 30% of the total amount. I refused to this as I was clearly told at the time of registration that the amount was 100% refundable in case the services are not provided within a month or in case the job confirmation was not received within two weeks time at the miximum.
After that I didn’t receive any communication from their team. Neither was any service provided within this duration.

On 30/12/2013, I again received another call from their representative for registration, who introduced himself as Mr. Ajay. When I informed him that I have already registered with Roozgaar and am yet to receive any service and hence want my amount returned, I was forwarded to Ms. Prachi, who introduced herself as being from the refund department of the Roozgaar office in Malviyanagar, New Delhi. After discussions, Ms. Prachi told me that she would discuss with her team and revert the next day i.e. 31st December, 2013.

However, she didn’t call the next day. When I called the number provided by her (09873723850), there was no response.

Later, on 31/12/2013, I received call from Roozgaar team representative Mr. Rithwik (as per him he was from the Malviyanagar branch of Roozgaar in New Delhi), who said that he would be refunding the whole amount i.e. Rs. 24049.00 and asked me to initiate an online procedure. Although I insisted that the refund be made to me through NEFT, for which I was ready to share my necessary account details, he told me that the as per some RBI directive, it was mandatory that the refund be made similarly to the way the payment was made. However, after the procedure, for which I was guided by him over the phone, I found that Rs 12021.40 (order no. R158851C9) have been deducted from my HDFC Account. I was then forwarded to his senior Mr. Harsh Agarwal, who asked me to repeat the procedure so as to reclaim the total amount of Rs 36090.40 (earlier Rs 24049 + Rs 12021.40 now), but the amount was not transferred back.

He then transferred me to his senior Mr. Shankar Chaudhry, who after some discussions told me that he would call back in half an hour. However, there was no return call from him. When I called to reclaim my money, there was no response from the Roozgaar team.

I again wrote a mail to their mail ID requesting them to return my entire amount i.e. Rs 36090.40 immediately to my account. Otherwise, I would regard this as a clear case of fraud and initiate legal actions against their team in the court of law.

However, I am yet to receive my refund, neither have I received any services from them.


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  1. If anybody has been cheated by these bastards then contact me…they have also cheated me…i have paid 140818rs…but sonehow i manage to get my amount….
    My number is 8423463322