Aaryan Estate — Land Dealing in Bangalore

Dear Sir,

I am son of a retired Air Force Personal, My father has served this country for 37 years. After retirement my father has taken a land @ Bangalore and paid amount of Rs. 13.55 lakh to the dealer.

The dealer has done GPA from Registrar office of the land and soon after the GPA my father got a Legal notice from the land lord that the GPA is invalid as they haven’t got any amount from the dealer. After that my father start approaching the dealer and the dealer Mr. Arun Singh of M/s Aaryan Estate didn’t gave any response to him and he came in depression and died due to heart attack in 2014. Since, then we are approaching the agent and he is neither giving us land nor refunding the money.

We request you to pls look into the matter and help us to get our money back.

Bisheshwar R Tiwari
Mobile No. 93239 07042

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