Abhishek Builders and Developer – Builder has cheated all the investor

The builder under name of abhishek builder and developer, There are six parter and they all have their own independent company.
The project was to hand over in july2008.The builder has not yet obtain the OC from CIDCO In 2010 builder has given us the key to let in the house but there is no CIDCO water supply and the builder is not maintaining the building and not looking after any of the building maintenance.
They are not doing enough the obtain the OC from the authority and they have pocketed the money and now they just kind of give up without any authority to look after the building and people leaving in it.
Water is purchased on daily bases by the resident on the very very high prices via tanker supply.
I wish to know is there any procedure to claim back these charges from builder and also the delay charges of handing over the flat to the resident and the maintenance charges from the builder. He just run away from his responsibility and closed down the role and company name abhishek builders and developer and now they work under different name and different company.

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