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Reported By: Rinkesh

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Abhyudya Trading Ltd Surat

Dear Team,

I got massage from 9517829268 for part time Job earn 1k-3K around in a day and give telegram id t.me/shoppingmall008 than i recharged 100 than some commission earn and got in bank account than told us to recharge with 500 i did and got the task but the some orders are more than the recharge than again i make the payment for difference amount and get withdrawal than they told us recharge rs 1000 and will get 600 than i recharged with 1000 and do some task but in second order was around 2300 so they told us please the difference amount to complete the order i pay 1160 to complete the order than the next order comes of rs 6500 so we have to pay the difference amount again but we dont have the amount i told them please close the task and refund but they deny and told please make the difference amount and than complete the task than u get the money so how can we arrange 3500 for difference there might be more amount in next order so its not possible we told them to refund our amount but they rejected so please help us.
No- L51109AS1988PLC002907


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