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I have purchased SEA GATE 500 GB HDD SATA (3YW) on 18/06/2011 vide invoiceno-996/CM/1112 it became U/S in Dec 2012. I return to Accel Front Line service ltd,after servicing I received on 25 Jan 2012 vide challan no-89.Repaired serial# 5VM62Q61Again the same hdd became U/S in the month of Jul 12.which I returned to Accel Front Line service ltd .After servicing they give me on-04Sep13.vide challan no -3839. Repaired serial # Z2A1QPTF connected to PC found same problem that HDD not detecting again return to Accel Front Line service ltd.same HDD received on 17-09-2013 vide Callahan no-4520 Repaired serial # Z2A1QPTF find with the same problem of not detecting.I am fed up with this product and worse Accel Front Line service . PC service center has cross checked with another hard disk of same brand which is working alright.Kindly look into the matter why after servicing they do,not check before the delivery of the item.Sir, I spoken with costumer care they have given contact no-000-800-440-1392, It is not a solution after services which is not possible for ordinary people.To contact so many agency. Accel front line service center or concerned agencies should look into the matter. I frustrated with no of times going for servicing/ replacement for such a reputed company having poor service .It is still under warranty. Sir, I would like The Company should refund my money so I can go for other brand.

SJ Thakur

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  1. it is the worse company ever.i have submitted my transcend 500 gb hard disk on 5th march for replacement in accel front line services Pune ..still they have not replaced it and their customer care number do not pick up the call at all.its a blackmark for transcend devices handing over their business to such a irresponsible company