Acuity HR Services – Fraud company in Mumbai

A placement firm in Mumbai called Acuity HR services is a Fraud Company. They are just extracted money from innocent people and are not paying the work remuneration for the work completed. Consultant Yash Solanki of Acuity HR services and his Business Consultant Girish Seshan of DSPL situated at Mulund (West) Mumbai website are Fake people I have got into serious trouble recently professionally with them as a Freelancer on 16th July 2013. I had started my own placement firm in Goa. got just 1 client so financially I was not good. came across an HR Manager on cite hr who said that he would advise me in my business.1st month in April he took 17, 000 than for next 3 months he took 14, 000 so total he got 66, 000 from me. He was taking 7000 for his consulting fee and 7000 for the monster job portal. I realized that data he was sending from the job portal he was sending was of no use for me. it was a very old data. when I stopped the job portal money he gave me another idea if i cant get clients why don’t you work for my friends company. I had to pay them 50, 000 in advance to get into the contract and they gave me a rosy pic saying that I will earn 30 to 40 thousand per month. 70% will be mine and 30% will be the companies. they didn’t give me any time to think saying that if u don’t go for the offer someone else will get a chance by paying 75, 000 to them. when I asked them to send me the terms and conditions they said first send us the cash. I kept on asking them for the terms and conditions but they did not send it. I worked hard for this company for 15 days and people did join their clients but stop getting any updates from their side. From some of the consultants I got to know that no company asks for money from a freelancer if they are working for the company in return instead the company pays them for their work i was fooled by them when I asked them to refund my money they send me the terms and conditions. it does not have a signature nor a company stamp and they mentioned the date as 1st May 13 when I started working for them by 15th July 13. I don’t know now whether they would refund my money back or no as they are not picking any calls from me nor replying to my mails sent to them. Later after 2 Months the company refunded back my money by 2 installments 25, 000 each thru cheque. When i asked them to pay me the money for my 15 days work and Bank interest which was almost Bank Interest total == 11500 Rs and My work remuneration 10, 000 Rs. they said to show us the candidate sourced, placed and receipt of payments from client companies of Acuity where these candidates were placed. I have a lot of mails from the company as a proof with me to show that they are corrupt people. They expect INNOCENT people to slog and work free by LOOTING them in the market. They are not Professionals but ARE PLAYING WITH PEOPLES CAREERS TO BECOME RICH OVERNIGHT. Their names are Girish Seshan and Yash Solanki and they are from Mumbai suppose to be Assistant Managers. contact nos of Yash is 9702375551 and Girish is 9860088973. i too have all the proofs like emails and scanned cheque to prove that these people are corrupt in the market. Kindly take a strict action against them. Please seal this company.

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