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Reported By: Suvarna

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AD-ADs MSG Australia,melbourne

My name is Suvarna, my agent name is Keshav(9966983956). I am a house wife, i am suffering with some financial problems, I applied for typing home jobs in some websites. Keshav is calling me for typing job (200 images). I said i don’t have money to pay, then he says no need to pay anything, just do the job continuously, don’t do middle drop, we see only accuracy level, and everyday morning 11:00 am message me Good morning, and tell how many pages you completed, that is your attendance level. we will give you per page 180 to 300 Rs in 20 to 25 days. In Nov 25 i am taking the work and i submitted Dec 16( I am very happy i done the job without fail, i think i win my financial problems, then Keshav says Dec 28 you got your payment and you got 96.66% accuracy 62,600 salary, monthly 1 project 12 months 12 projects you got, he message me. Then Dec 28 i didn’t get it, he says you have to pay 672 Rs your code is activated, unless you lost all, always he says like that, he prepared me to pay. I think i lost all, how can i solve my issues, then i borrow money i am paying, paying, paying finally 13,502 RS i paid. After paying, he didn’t respond, even messages also. please give my money back. I have two children both school fees are pending. please bring back my money. punish them.

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  1. Sir please help me. I am in trouble, save me. My name is suvarna. Iam facing same problem. Please do something. Please refund my money, and punish them. Those people are playing games with weak minded.

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