Adeptech system Pvt Ltd – Hyderabad – Adeptech system a Worst company – Hyderabad

Adeptech systems Pvt Ltd is a worst worst company …
There is no second doubt in mind , regarding the company . Every person who work there will compulsory suffer at any cost but leaving from company regarding the salary issues and documents .
In each company once join they provide the offer but in this company they dont provide .
At the time of relieving they dont give relieving or Salary of last month , they make you struggle .
One stupid Laxma Reddy , waste for nothing don’t know any thing a pic at the bottom .
At the time of joining he tell that he is just like a friend and he will be with you for ever , but he is the only person makes suffer for every one .

Coming to the MD of the Company Mr Sridhar Konkala ( who stays at US ) giving order to Mr laxma ( He don’t know any thing ) but needs salary of 50- 60 K .
Mr konkala does speaks fluent in English but thinks he is , every time use the word — (” That is the thing ” ) .. Haaa Haaa LoL

There is a lot to tell about the company , i really advice you not to join in the worst company or in the payrolls of the company .
Which is located at Begum pet , Mayfair center , Hyderabad .

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