Adsmacro – Daily task limit it limited to only lne

Reported By: Sandhya rani

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Adsmacro Hyderabad

Sir.. Since few days we are limited to do only ine data entry task… May I know the reason why??… We are getting trouble.. Before we used to do minimum 10 tasks a day… But since few days it is limited to only one.. We are in trouble sir.. So please increase the task levels asuall as it was before… A sincere request🙏😊

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    1. Don’t waste your time.. Because this is Fraud website earnings… I have also account in this website. I have reached 3020 Rupees.. But I couldn’t able to withdraw the amount also.. Initially they are given 10 task per day from each section.. When u earning amount reached to 1500 rupees.. After next day task limit will decrease to one task per day.. So my sincere request don’t go with website.. Spend your time in another way.. My contact 9963934593


    1. hey
      Joe maria rosel corera from tuticorin, after so many researches i came to know after you cross 1500rupees they wil limit your task to one per each heading and during withdrawal they will not help you in doin so at last

  1. Sir please increase the daily task limit because I refer my friend to use the website.So please increase the daily task limit

  2. I m not able to perform more than one task in one day … May I know what is the reason to reduce daily limit task….. Plz increase daily limit task as it was earlier

  3. Hii
    Ye company me kuchh cheating krte h 10rs aur 20rs k task me jaanbujh k l aur capital I me and 0 o me confuse kr dete h kbhi wohi 5 rs k task me 0 zero aur 10 rs k task me capital O ho jata h

  4. I have wsted my time and have earned 1675 in 8 days now not able to do task, and we can not withdrawal amount , please refund our amount i have already done the complaint in consumer court, this type of site should be closed.

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