AirAsia – Baggage Damaged

Reported By: Gaurav Alawadhi

Contact information:

I had a flight on 28th Feb 2019, from Delhi to Goa and my PNR number is Y2EKSX.

I have already raised my request multiple times for mishandled of my Baggage to Air Asia. I have communicated through AVA and also via customer support But Somebody is telling me your case is under investigation and someone is telling me your case is closed. My case number is 11399038.

It has been more than 13 days now; I have been following up with your team numerous times since my arrival and It’s very unprofessional how in our world today with the security and technology available to you as a large airline (So-called) can completely miss-handled baggage.

It’s not normal wear and tear, Handle of my Baggage is broken and now it’s not in a condition to carry anywhere.

Please Kindly explain, what according to you is wear and tear?

I want the replacement of that bag and these guys are giving me compensation of 500 INR.

You guys think compensation of 500 INR is justifiable whether it will Cover ->
1. My effort to search for a Repair shop.
2. Transportation Cost of taking Baggage to the Repair Shop.
3. Leave from my office and One Day Compensation.
4. Waste of Time.

How they can say, Take 500 INR and go back to your home?

This situation has left a very bad taste in my mind and I plead before you to take cognizance of the facts and take strict action against Air Asia.

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