Airtel TV – after sale service

Dear Whoever

I,Kapil Bohra have been facing a problem of no signal or disrupted signal from 25th Sept. So, on one fine Sunday i.e 29th September, I dial in the helpline number around 11 by my watch but by 12:45 PM by their watchHuh. I request the technician to be sent the same day as on Weekdays, I would be in office. This was conveyed to Mr. Vishal. So far so good. The complain number was 33620296Rolleyes.Now,

I am staying back home as the technician would close complain if I am not available. So, I get a call around 3, technicians calls up and on hearing address, he responds that I do not cover that area so its not possible for me to come but someone else will come. I call up the mobile number(9538950255) mentioned in the SMS I received from Airtel TV. This number is not reachable. Upon this, I call up help line again (note time is 3:30PM), I get in contact with Miss Rosemary who tells me not to worry and she hands me over the nodal officer number. I enquire will they be working on Sundays for which she responds yes they do. The number was 9538878335. I call up this number and magicExclamation, I get an IVR which says nodal officer work only from Monday to Friday from (9:30AM to 6:30 PM).

Again I call up helpline, I ask the request to be escalated and I talk to Mr. Ravi who again gives me a number of local office in my area (080 41704930). And he assures me that they will definitely help me on this. I call up this number at around 4:30 PM and I get an assurance that the technician would reach me in an hour.Exclamation

An hours passes by, I call up the same number but again Magic, no one picks up the phone. So, at 5:30, I call up help line again ( I had nothing better thing to do, right!!!) and wanted to talk to Mr. Ravi but the calls goes to Mr. Bhaskar again to whom I explain all the things and he says he can’t help me and me being pissed off says lets talk this through and I won’t hang up till I get the solution even if it takes entire night. Again, some magic happens and call gets dropped.Angry

I call up help line again (Seriously such a vella), and wait to talk to Mr. Ravi to ask him the reason for the call drop for which he says it is not possible from their side to drop the call and slowly upon interrogation things are told if the customer uses abusive language or does not respond for a few time , they can very well drop the call. So, Why do you think Mr. Bhaskar from Escalation team dropped the call (:-(.Angry

Now, Mr. Ravi tells me that their technician time is only till 6 PM. So, he cant help me in any sort and reveals that I had put in my complaint at 12:45 PM and not around 11 as I was thinking ( Oh I didnt see the time, such a fool I am ). But nevertheless, I was dejected but still hoped something could be arranged and hanged up by 7pm (only 4 hours – my time for weeks TV watching).Big Grin

I waited in my home till 1 PM even on Monday that Mr. Technician would come and sort things out but magic again no correspondance from Airtel side. So, I reach office by 1:30 PM (only 17km apart). Now, magic again, I get the call from local service provider by some Miss Sukanya at 1:25 PM that they are now ready to send the technician. And I tell her the convinient time would be 8 PM and not before that (Oh Man, I am employed as well ). She responds, “Sir please come back and drive 17km as we will now send the technician”:idea:. I responded “Sorry and not possible”.

I was expecting a call in the evening either ways if the technician could come or for another sorry message (I can understand your problem, sorry sir we cant help now, we will look into this and some typical statements). Again magic and from Monday till this time Saturday 6:44 PM, no calls on whatsoever thing. Angry

It has only been a week uptill now, lets see how long does it take to rectify this.Angel


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