Airtel – Worst experience with Airtel network in Sector 99 Noida


I am Prashant Gupta (9871356644), using airtel pospaid mobile and data services for more than 8 years.

I have been the happiest and loyal customer of airtel and recommend everyone to use airtel, even my wife also has airtel connection (9871415868).

My myth of great services broke when I moved to sector 99 in noida, I am really frustrated and now being forced to port to other service provide since there is no network coverage of airtel in sector 99 noida.

I could not imagine, that sector 99 being part of NCR is having such bad coverage of the Airtel – The biggest service provider in India, its worse then my village town where I can talk effortlessly. 99% of time in sector 99 noida, it shows no coverage.

Airtel has provided me 4G sim, as noida is covered under city of Airtel plan, but its of no use to me, as even 2G services dont work in sector 99 noida.

I request you to please treat as true and sincere suggestion and do something for airtel customers here in sector 99 noida, otherwise we dont have any option and port over number to Idea which is having great network here.

We have raised many request to airtel but of no help. Airtel keep on promising certain timline but its more than 7 month, problem still not fixed.

Airtel is showing fake/bogus advertisement over TV that 4g is available in Himalayan ranges, northeast, forest etc etc, while they are not able to provide a network access in an urban area like Noida, 2g, 3g or 4g is a distant dream. Is it a right way, fooling customers with false information over advertisement.

Thanks to airtel, I was forced to take BSNL connection so that I can connect with my parents back home and due to which I am loosing extra 1200 from my pocket.

Trai should pitch in and show some character to airtel guys, also they should be penalized for showing fake advertisement.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant Gupta

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