Amaon61 – Money Fraud

Reported By: Zara

Contact information: Athens

I’m from Greece and they fraud me by using company name

Amazon uk service Ltd this all starts from an ad on

Facebook…and they said we are subsidiaries of Amazon.

Bcz she’s frauding me that is why she uses fake identity name Amy from London uses London number for watsap and did not give me her documents so that I can’t approach her.

But I understand there game too late.

They said we have specific orders if you complete order we will give you commission by completing orders for Amazon…. to complete the orders I have to pay 50 euro. They said pay 50 euro and complete 6 orders and you will get 95 euro which is your commission and you can withdraw your money by completing 6 order in the middle u can’t withdraw your money. I said ok I thought why I left my orders in the middle I complete my order and withdraw money. But she traped me. The orders demand more money to be completed…. And I traped I spend 440 euros like that. In the last when I already spend 600 or more euros my 1 last order left to complete this left order I have to pay more 1500 euro i thought only last order left and she said after completing this task you are free to withdraw money….but this doesn’t happen I invest money but still 1 order left ask the matter to her again she said you complete 1 order but there is smal order inside it means 1 big order has smal orders too and you have to complete it…and that time they demand 1500 to complete the remaining order. I’m now stuck that much amount.

After I paid that she then tells me that u have to pay a 2400 euro tax to withdraw my money because every citizen has to pay tax. But I didn’t pay anything

This is the way they fraud people and don’t give there money back to them.

They use account name amaon in which I withdraw my money by using binance account. And in this account (amaon) they make a fake account using HTML.

Now I want my money back please help me get back my money

This is there website link they used to fraud.

And all the inquiry I do with them on telegram This is her num who fraud me from UK (+44 7404 833283) They fraud with diff websites and diff phone numbers They are located in diff cites in abroad and In India etc please don’t invest your money
Please I need my back. This happened 10th September 2022

How to file a complaint against Amaon61?

* Go to page
* Write Amaon61 in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Amaon61.

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