Amazon F-Kmall – They are not releasing my money

Reported By: Sandal

Contact information:
Amazon F-Kmall mumbai

I got to know about Amazon F-kmall through Instagram when I opend the link they directly took me to a what’s app chat and I got a link there after that I got my self registered then the same girl has assigned me a mentor who wil guide me to proceed further through telegram chat. They assigned me task I have done the task 2 times and got my money back but during there third task they have given me task which were higher than what I have invested and when I ask them that I couldn’t not do this they have blocked my money.


How to file a complaint against Amazon F-Kmall?

* Go to page
* Write Amazon F-Kmall in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Amazon F-Kmall.

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  1. All guys who are cheated just file a complaint in bank and tell the bank to trace the transaction and 2 nd things file a complaint In cyber crime .if u find the bank account of the person to whom u have transferred money u can get ur money back through your bank. u have to do some work for recovering your money. It’s one accountis in idfc first bank and his account number is 016263300009981 IFSC YESB000162 which is located in metro mumbai. Go and tell the bank to recover your money and just expose the person name in this platform.