Amazon merchant 3rd party platform – I am complaining about the money I invested that they made me believe to complete tasks to withdraw all my money in every level.

Reported By: Jeanette Occeña

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Amazon merchant 3rd party platform Not disclosed

I am so devastated that this platform let us believe that it is really giving you good earnings with your investment. I found it in Facebook with ads on it, that it says Amazon part time job. First I spoke with someone named Alice in Whatsapp, instructed me how to register for 100 pesos and get 50 pesos signing bonus as what she mentioned and I was very curious so yes I did recharged an amount of Php 100 and yes it gave me 50pesos signing bonus. As the process goes along she said I can withdraw afterwards what I have invested and even more. So I believed her, and that was okay at first cause I was able to get Php 212. Then she said someone will contact me in Telegram for further tutorials and instructions. When I was talking to the person named Sophia this time in Telegram, she told me to continue the process as what I did to the first time I recharged another 500pesos to complete level2 so I did. Also again kept on reminding me that I to continue recharging so that I can complete tasks and earn more. I was able to withdraw Php 748 for the second time. 3rd recharge that she instructed me, she said I need to finish the 15 tasks given so I kept on topping up an amount and when I tried to withdraw it for the 3rd time, it was rejected and it is supposed to be Php989. So that time I’m trying to send some proofs to her on telegram that it was rejected but she told me to just continue the process til I finish the tasks although I’m done with the 15tasks. So it adds up and need to be recharged for Php 1031.93 so that I can finish my tasks up until it asked me to top up Php 7500. I am shaking nervously cause that was my last money where it is Php 5k and I’m trying to find someone to lend me this 7500 amount, til I found one. Then after that recharge the next, it requires me to top up Php 17,582.77. She is trying to tell me that I need to finish this task so that I can withdraw all the money I earned with my investment. But this time I am out funds and left me no choice but to take a loan for it. Cause she said she is trying to extend my time, at first she told me I have only 2hrs to complete the tasks and told me that she’ll gonna help me extend it to 4hrs. She’s trying pressure me find 17.5k to recharge and borrow money to my friends or family. And told me that she’ll gonna help me extend the time cause explained to me that if I can’t recharge the amount of 17.5k pesos, my account will be frozen and I can’t withdraw all the money I have in the account. The good thing is I haven’t been able to recharge the 17.5k yet, I doubted it cause it seems there’s no ending recharge of funds here. Out of curiosity I tried to google it and I found complaints about this platform. It is fake and I want my last penny in my bank account back for 5k, this money is for my son’s birthday and 7500 that I borrowed from someone so I can pay her back.

Please help me.

How to file a complaint against Amazon merchant 3rd party platform?

* Go to page
* Write Amazon merchant 3rd party platform in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Amazon merchant 3rd party platform.

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